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Line Life works with the import and distribution of excellent guidewires that guarantee secure access and quality steerability in the arterial and venous vasculature in order to enable the placement of diagnostic and/or therapeutic catheters and devices during angiographic procedures.

Hydrophilic Guidewire

Fio Guia Hidrofilico
  • Radiopaque;

  • Nitinol core with hydrophilic coating;

  • Flexible tip for atraumatic advancement;

  • Kink resistant;

  • Excellent steerability free from friction;

  • Available with straight, angled, and J-type tip.

PTFE Guidewire

Fio Guia Teflonado
  • Radiopaque;

  • Stainless steel core covered by a thin wire in the spring format;

  • PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coating for excellent lubricity and smooth surface resistant to flaking;

  • Less friction and subsequent increased steerability;

  • Available in flexible straight tip that provides the execution of manual angulations;

  • Available in the J-type tip with high memory that does not rectify and does not require the use of a straightener.

For more information on brands, external diameters and lengths available, please contact our commercial sector. Phone: +55 11 3847-1100 - E-mail:

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