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Balloon Catheter (Semi Compliant and Non Compliant)
Mini Tadpole Lepu

mini tad.png

Product features: 

  • Coronary dilation catheter

  • Small tip and traverse profiles ensure better performance for CTO lesions

  • Able to kiss balloon under 6F guiding catheter

  • Patented hydrophilic coating on the distal shaft and combined with the proximal shaft of the hypotube provide excellent release capability

  • Balloon directional memory folding allows to minimize the size with large withdrawal capacity and ensure the good performance of repeated dilation

  • Soft cushioned tip provides a smooth transition from guide to balloon catheter to avoid "fish mouth" and minimize damage to the vessel

  • Short shoulder design at both ends of the balloon ensures precise dilation and reduces damage to the normal vessel adjacent to the lesion

Hemostatic valve, also known as a Y connector, is a device used in a wide range of interventional, such as percutaneous transluminal angioplasty, offering total support in order to minimize blood loss and exposure.

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