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Absorbable Hemostats - Gelita

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Hemostats de oxidized cellulose


  • Made from 100% oxidized cellulose

  • Natural & Safe

  • Effectively prevents bleeding

  • Easy manipulation – does not stick to gloves or instruments

  • High patient comfort – can be kept in place

  • Sterilized using gamma irradiation


  • Accelerates the process of hemostasis in bleeding



  • Complete and easy resorption

  • Minimizes the risk of encapsulation

  • Fully biodegradable by the body in less than 4 weeks

Absorbable Oxidized Cellulose Hemostats Gauze



  • variable sizes

  • Convenient delivery via trocar in laparoscopic procedures – no memory effect

  • Does not lubricate after contact with fluid

  • can be sutured

Absorbable Oxidized Cellulose Fibrillary Hemostat (Non-Woven)



  • variable sizes

  • Fibrillary material (non-woven) that can be peeled and padded in layers and applied gradually

  • High flexibility – ideal for bleeding into irregular structures

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