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Catheter for Drainage in General - General-Purpose GP™

Line Life, the exclusive importer of UreSil, offers a wide range of catheters to meet all your needs related to any type of drainage.

Features and benefits:


  • Drainage catheters designed with the highest quality and patented Ureflex material

  • Catheters available in Origin® material ( model H - balanced rigidity) and Ureflex®-Soft ( model HB - greater softness)

  • High kink resistance

  • Large drain holes – the largest on the world market

  • Patented TRU-SET locking mechanism, fully airtight and heavy duty


 High ease of insertion:


  • Reinforced tapered tip prevents catheter wrinkling and minimizes percutaneous trauma during insertion

  • Superior Tru-Slide Plus™ surface lubricity and Tru-Slide™ hydrophilic inner coating, both patented by UreSil, with excellent catheter navigation ability and decreased resistance during catheter passage

Comfort for the patient:


  • Ureflex material developed to provide a softer and more flexible catheter with consequent greater comfort for the patient


  • Exceptional strength and superior memory characteristics for faster recovery from sprains

  • Thin wall design and wide holes for highly effective drainage

  • TRU-SET locking mechanism provides excellent leak resistance and provides a secure pigtail hold

  • Smooth, slippery surface of inner lumen to reduce potential fouling and maintain permeability

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