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Collection Bags (Gravitational and Drainage) - Uresil

Collection bags Specially developed for suction system and suction system drainage gravitational.


General features:


  • Compact system allowing patient ambulation

  • Closed system design reducing the possibility of cross contamination

  • Siliconized extension, kink resistant, soft, flexible and with luer lock connection

  • Dual antireflux valve to prevent backflow of bag contents into the catheter

  • Dosing drain port that allows for safe emptying of the bag via a one-way valve

  • Suspension strapthe one with the bag

  • Graduation Centiminput for measurement and control ofdebts

Collection bags and accessories developed to provide all the necessary support during drainage.

TRU-CLOSE Collecting bags by suction system with capacity for 300ml, 500ml and 1000ml.


TRU-CLOSE Collecting bags by gravitational system with capacity for 600 ml.



POSI-STICK® - Set for percutaneous access

Provides easy, accurate, and atraumatic insertion of the catheter over the guidewire. Includes: 

  • 1 echogenic needle of 21 GA

  • 1 4F coaxial introducer with 6F sheath with platinum radiopaque marker

  • 1 Nitinol guidewire 0.018” (46 mm) with  straight tip

  • 1 teflon guide wire 0.035” (89 mm) with J-type tip



ANVISA REGISTRATION  No.: 10350530086 

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