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Extension Catheter - Trapliner Catheter

2-in-1 Device - Guide catheter extension with lock-up features.

Clinical benefits of
guide catheter extension

• More support
• Introduction of distal devices
• Simple administration
contrast material

Prison Balloon

to maintain the position of

Guide Wire

half pipe channel

designed to align the
devices through
necklace transition to a
smooth device introduction

Push Hypotube Rod

for the inflation feature and
greater pushing capacity

Gold Marker

to identify the
proximal end
from the balloon

The balloon is in position
proximal to the half-pipe channel


promotes the introduction
smooth of devices

Extension of
Guide Catheter with
Reinforced Spring

for flexibility and
torsional strength

TrapLiner® catheter is a quick-change guide catheter extension that combines the ability to provide backup support with the ability to trap a 0.36 mm (0.014”) guidewire against the inner wall of a guide catheter. This functionality helps prevent loss of position or unintentional advancement of the guidewire during catheter exchange, and eliminates the need for alternative catheter exchange techniques.

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