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The new low profile catheter option for thrombus aspiration.

Pronto LP is a low profile catheter with double lumen and quick exchange system, indicated for the aspiration and extraction of thrombi, emboli or clots, new and soft, present in vessels with a diameter ≥ 1.5 mm of the coronary arterial system and peripheral.



  • Low crossover profile 0.053'' (1.35mm)

  • Compatible with guide catheter diameter ≥ 5F and guide wires diameter ≤ 0.014”

  • It has a smaller lumen which, due to its low profile, is pre-loaded with a mandrel to minimize the risk of kink and is easily removed prior to aspiration.

  • It has a larger, wider and uniform lumen for the extraction of thrombi with greater suction force through aspiration through a syringe

  • Angled opening in extraction lumen providing vessel damage-free aspiration and accommodation of larger thrombi

  • Exclusive Conical Silva Tip for a smooth, atraumatic aspiration and without the risk of suctioning the vessel wall

  • Shaft with full-length braided cable, combining flexibility, high torque response and kink-free navigation

  • Hydrophilic coating for excellent seaworthiness and friction-free handling


The Pronto LP catheter is inserted in a kit that contains elements necessary for proper aspiration, in order to value the necessary practicality during percutaneous procedures. This kit is composed of: 

  • 1 Ready LP Extraction Catheter

  • 2 30 ml aspiration syringes with locking plunger

  • 1 extension with stopcock

  • 1 70µ filter for sending the material for laboratory analysis 


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