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Inflator Device Set (Manometer)

Manometer is a device used to generate and monitor the dilation and deflation pressure of balloons during hemodynamic procedures.  Provides measurement from vacuum to 30 bar with accuracy of +/- 1 bar.

It is a disposable device, accurate, simple to operate and with totally stable performance.

It has a reservoir with a capacity of 20 ml and locking system, palm support, manometer and high pressure connector extension.


Set Composition:

  • 1 Balloon inflator with 30 bar

  • 1 Connector (hemostatic valve) in push-click type Y

  • 1 Torque device (rotor)

  • 1 Guide wire introducer

  • 1 Pressure extension with 500 PSI and 25 cm

  • 1 3-way stopcock

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