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Superior Crossability in Tortuous Anatomies

SuperCross is a single lumen microcatheter designed to enable access, crossing, and exchange of guidewires in lesions located in bifurcations, side branches, distal vessels, as well as discrete and tortuous anatomies of the coronary and peripheral arterial system for highly complex interventional procedures and CTO.

Key Features:

  • SuperCross AT with angled tip at 45 °, 90 °, 90 ° XT & 120 °;

  • SuperCross Straight tip and FT with flexible straight tip moldable up to 120°;

  • Double spiral for excellent steerability, high torque response and kink resistance;

  • Hydrophilic coating for steerability free from resistance;

  • Compatible 0.014” guidewires;

  • OTW and RX system.



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