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Precision Wire Placement for Complex Cases

Venture is a unique single lumen catheter with distal deflectable tip at up to 90° from the handling of a distal handle. It is highly capable of steering, guiding, and controlling 0.014” guidewires, providing high support during complex percutaneous interventions and CTO performed in the coronary and peripheral arterial system.

Available in the OTW and RX system.

OTW versions also provide the selective and manual administration of diagnostic and therapeutic agents.

When use Venture?

  • Tortuous and angled anatomies;

  • Bifurcations;

  • Stent-jailed side branches;

  • Tight lesions.



Key Features

deflectable tip

  • Catheter tip deflects up to 90° to direct guidewires around bends and tortuosity;

  • 8-mm platinum tip for excellent visibility under fluoroscopy.

Excellent Torque Response

  • „ Multi-layered coiled torque shaft provides enhanced torque transmission from handle to tip.


Directed Back-Up Support

  • Angled tip provides valuable back-up support for crossing tight and complex lesions.



  • Flexible, low-profile tip;

  • Hydrophilic coating improves track performance in tight or challenging anatomy.


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