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Catheters for Collection Drainage

Highly Thick and Viscous

Features and Benefits:

  • Large Bore connector eliminates restriction to flow and reduces the potential for occlusion;

  • Aspiration/Flush Adapter for safety and convenience;

  • Ureflex-Soft® material for enhanced patient comfort;

  • Kink resistant;

  • Large skived drainage holes;

  • Leak resistant locking mechanism.

Increased Flow

  • Eliminates the restriction to flow caused by conventional connector sets and tube adapters by increasing the restricting lumen by 25%;

  • Provides a full, non-restricting lumen into the drain tube when combined with the Uresil Tru-Close® Gravity (TC600) or Tru-Close Suction (TCS series) drainage bags.



Ease of Insertion

  • Reinforced and tapered tip to help prevent catheter from buckling during insertion. 

  Patient comfort

  • Ureflex-Soft catheter material is designed to provide enhanced patient comfort.


  • Enlarged lumen reduces the potential for occlusion during drainage of highly viscous fluids and those with small tissue particles;

  • Exceptional catheter material features inherent column strength and superior memory for faster kink recovery;

  • Thin wall design, large skived drainage holes along with large bore hub provides excellent flow rates;

  • Patented locking mechanism is leak resistant and provides secure fixation of the pigtail;

  • Smooth, lubricious surface of the catheter's inner wall can help reduce encrustation and maintain patency. 


ULTI-flo Drainage Catheter with Locking Pigtail and AFA Aspiration/Flush Adapter

Includes catheter, flexible cannula, trocar, rigid cannula, large bore tube adapter, syringe connector, and AFA adapter.


LBL2 - 1430HB

LBL2 - 1630HB

14F/19 cm

16F/20 cm




Hydrophilic-coated Ureflex-Soft

AFA Aspiration/Flush Adapter

Syringe-activated aspiration aspiration/flush assembly for connection to UreSil ULTI-flo system.

AFA Aspiration/Flush Adapter


ULTI-flo® 20+

Features and Benefits:


  • High quality and wide inner lumen catheter available in sizes 20F, 24F, and 28F;

  • Developed in Ureflex-Soft for greater softness and flexibility, providing enhanced patient comfort during insertion and maintenance of the catheter; 

  • Requires UFA (Universal Flush Adapter) adapter to enable the connection of the catheters to the collection bags system;

  • Large skived drain holes developed to enable the drainage of solid contents, handle chuncky, highly viscous and thick material, including bariatric procedures content;

  • Highly resistant to kink;

  • Tapered and reinforced tip to prevent wrinkling during insertion;

  • 41 cm working length;

  • Cannula compatible with guidewire 0.038” for over-the-wire insertion;

  • Radiopaque Stripe to Minimize Imaging Artifacts;

  • Hydrophilic coating for ease of insertion.

ULTI-flo® 20+

Set includes catheter and .038" cannula. 



20F/41 cm

24F/41 cm


Hydrophilic-coated Ureflex-Soft




UFA Adapter: Universal Flush Adapter


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