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Catheter for Drainage - ULTI-flo® 20+

Features and benefits:


  • High quality catheter with wide internal lumen available in 20F, 24F and 28F

  • Developed in Ureflex-Soft for greater softness and flexibility, offering greater comfort for the patient during catheter insertion and maintenance

  • Requires the UFA adapter (Universal Flush Adapter) to allow the catheters to be connected to the collection bag system

  • Large, wide oval holes designed to provide drainage of robust, highly viscous and thick contents, including contents from bariatric procedures

  • Highly kink resistant

  • Superior surface lubricity and hydrophilic inner coating with excellent catheter navigation ability and decreased resistance during catheter passage

  • Conical and reinforced tip to avoid wrinkling during insertion

  • Working length: 41cm

  • Cannula compatible with 0.038” guidewire for over-the-wire insertion

  • Radiopaque stripe implanted to minimize the risk of image artifacts

  • Hydrophilic coating for easy insertion

UFA Adapter: Universal Flush Adapter


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