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  • Line Life Cardiovascular

    Inflator Device Set (Manometer) Manometer is a device used to generate and monitor the dilation and deflation pressure of balloons during hemodynamic procedures. Provides measurement from vacuum to 30 bar with accuracy of +/- 1 bar. ​ It is a disposable device, accurate, simple to operate and with totally stable performance. ​ It has a reservoir with a capacity of 20 ml and locking system, palm support, manometer and high pressure connector extension. ​ Set Composition: ​ 1 Balloon inflator with 30 bar 1 Connector (hemostatic valve ) in push-click type Y 1 Torque device (rotor) 1 Guide wire introducer 1 Pressure extension with 500 PSI and 25 cm 1 3-way stopcock ANVISA REGISTRATION No.: 10350530209

  • Line Life Cardiovascular

    Catheters for Biliary Drainage and Nephrostomy CHOLE-CATH® NEPHRO-CATH® Download the Chole-Cath↓ Catalog Download the Nephro-Cath↓ Catalog Download Kit Catalog↓ Features and benefits: ​ Ureflex®-Soft and Ureflex®-Standard Material High kink resistance Large drain holes – the largest on the world market Hub in luer lock with a large diameter proportional to the internal lumen of the catheter Patented pigtail locking mechanism, fully airtight and heavy duty ​ High ease of insertion: ​ Reinforced tapered tip to help prevent catheter kink and wrinkling during insertion Superior surface lubricity – Tru Slide Plus™ – and hydrophilic inner coating providing excellent catheter navigation ability, decreased resistance during catheter insertion and minimization of fouling and obstructions in the inner lumen respectively Patient comfort: ​ Ureflex Soft material developed to provide a catheter r softer and more flexible with consequent greater comfort for the patient Patency: ​ Material with exceptional strength and superior memory for faster recovery from kink Thin wall design, large holes and large inner diameter hub for highly effective, fluid drainage Patented TRU-SET® locking mechanism provides excellent leak resistance and provides secure pigtail attachment Smooth, slippery inner lumen surface to reduce the potential for fouling and clogging and maintain permeability ​ COMPLETE KITS: CHOLE-CATH KIT for Percutaneous biliary drainage and NEPHRO-CATH KIT for Nephrostomy percutaneous ​ Includes: 1 Ureflex-Soft catheter with hydrophilic coating and pigtail locking system (CHOLE-CATH with radiopaque marker) 1 Metal cannula 1 Flexible cannula 1 Septal cap 1 8F dilator 1 10F dilator 1 Dilator of 12* POSI-STICK® - Set for percutaneous access - 1 Echogenic needle of 21 GA - 1 4F coaxial introducer with 6F sheath with radiopaque marker of platinum - 1 Nitinol guide wire 0.018” (46 mm) with tip straight - 1 Teflon-coated 0.038” (96 mm) guide wire with tip type J *Only 10F drain kits include 12F ANVISA REGISTRATION No.: 10350530074

  • Microondas | line-life

    MICROWAVE FOR REMOVAL OF NODULES AND TUMORS Download the Complete Catalog ↓ Dophi TM MICROWAVE SYSTEM FOR TUMOR ABLATION M150E MWA ablation system • Independent dual output channels, up to 150W • Maximized ablation zone and sphericity com _cc781905-5 cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ patented anti-phase technology • Complete antenna water cooling • better cooling pump integrated into the generator • Most accurate power output control on the market • Possibility to use two antennas at the same time Independently developed unique algorithm contributes to more accurate power output control. The generator will generate microwaves based on the set power value. The system will detect power generation in real time and compensate it to the set power value continuously to ensure accurate real power delivery. Planning Software The DOPHI MW ablation planning system is planning software with pre-operation antenna placement and parameter setting. After a few steps, this system can provide various ablation size plans and configuration plans. It can also form a case report. Doctors access the case report anytime and anywhere on the mobile phone. This intelligent planning system makes ablation more convenient and predictable. pre-operation planning Provide the ablation plans after entering the tumor location and size. And if the antenna deviates from the centerline of the target tumor, this system can adjust the plane to suit the ablation zone that covers the entire tumor. Per Through the illustration, the operator can predict the result of the ablation more intuitively. This makes pre-operation planning simpler and more convenient. Case Report Management​ This system supports recording of post-operation results and upload basic patient information and CT images. And doctors can add the follow-ups of the patient in this app. Can achieve management the entire course of the disease. Access the case report to anytime and anywhere to review and share with others. The case report can be downloaded from this app, it is convenient for doctors manage these case reports according to their needs. Reference Materials Providing plentiful DOPHI MW ablation system reference materials. Physicians can obtain more information about the product and operation guidance. Get the app EXCLUSIVE Antiphase Technology It is a patented technology applied in the antenna structure, especially for the innovative design of the radiator, which provides the ideal electromagnetic field control to sculpt the desired spherical shape and eliminates the direction of unplanned power delivery. Through the special design of the antenna tip, the reverse electromagnetic wave is restricted to make the ablation zone more spherical and the ablation result more predictable. Cooling System It allows the cooling fluid to circulate along the entire axis of the antenna, through the specially designed radiator to the end of the ceramic tip, without increasing the diameter of the antenna. This ingenious cooling technology provides more efficient cooling performance to reduce antenna temperature during the procedure and retains a small shaft diameter to minimize drilling damage to patients during insertion. Dophi™ M150E Microwave Ablation System-Antenna Interventional Cardiology Interventional Radiology Vascular and Endovascular Accessories Hemostatics

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