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hemostatic valve

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The Hemostatic Valve, also known as Y-Connector, is a device used in a wide variety of interventional procedures, such as percutaneous transluminal angioplasty, providing full support in order to minimize loss and exposure of blood.


  • Allows the passage of therapeutic devices concurrently with the infusion of contrast media or drugs into the vascular system;

  • Minimizes blood loss and optimizes the insertion of interventional devices, offering full control;

  • Allows handling with only one hand to open and close the valve during the introduction of devices into the vasculature;

  • The hemostatic seal minimizes blood loss, providing the physician with greater flexibility in the handling of intravascular devices;

  • Available with opening and closing system of the push-click type.


  • 01 Hemostatic Valve

  • 01 Enter

  • 01 Torque device (rotor)

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