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Coronary Angiographic Catheter - Pointer


A diagnostic catheter developed by PendraCare with the highest technology, capable of providing and superior characteristics, as well as a smooth, precise, atraumatic and totally reliable delivery in tortuous anatomies and in calcified lesions, offering an ideal torque  control during its manipulation in the coronary arteries.

Main features:

Low resistance due to unique hydrophilic coating:

  • Smooth introduction of the catheter

  • Atraumatic to the vessel wall

  • Unique surface pattern results in low friction during navigability in coronary arteries

Largest inner lumen on the market:

  • Inside diameter dimensions superior to the competition

  • Larger internal lumen diameter, facilitating its complete filling by contraste for perfect vessel radiopacity

Highly superior kink resistance:

  • Double layer braided stainless steel providing high kink resistance, in addition to perfect torque transfer from the proximal to the distal portion of the catheter

  • Curvatures with diameters of less than 2.5 cm, making the catheter ideal for radial procedures

Soft and atraumatic tip:

  • Totally soft and atraumatic tip ensuring smooth and easy insertion, reducing the chances of vessel damage and dissections


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