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The Best Guide Catheter 

Guide catheter developed with superior features and technology that provides

an accurate and atraumatic delivery in the target vessel.

Key Features:

Low resistance due to the unique hydrophilic coating


  • Smooth catheter introduction;

  • Less traumatic to the vessel wall.

  • Low friction during navegability in tortuous calcified anatomies;

  • Spasms reduced during steerability in procedures via the radial artery, resulting in greater comfort to the patient.


Best torque response


  • Braided and encapsulated layer of flat wire, ultra-thin and resistant, which ensures a high resistance to kink during procedures performed via radial approach and excellent steerability and response to torque;

  • Navegability free from friction with real control of the tip and torque.


Excellent support


  • Excellent maintenance of the shape of the catheter, even after prolonged procedure time;

  • Excellent flexibility even at minimum temperatures;

  • Uncoated tip providing excellent grip and support. Ex.: ostia.


Larger inner lumen and smaller outer diameter


  • Inner and outer diameter dimensions greater than the competition's;

  • Larger inner diameter and smaller outer diameter.








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