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The Only Extension Catheter to Guide Catheter Able to Combine the Convenience of a Rapid Exchange System With an Unparalleled Distal Reach.

GuideLiner is an extension catheter to the guide catheter, highly flexible, resistant to kink, atraumatic, and with excellent steerability, which allows a perfect coaxial alignment and a deeper and more distal positioning, assisting in the delivery of balloons and stents, as well as providing selectivity in the infusion of diagnostic and therapeutic agents during interventional procedures in tortuous arteries.

Key Features:

  • Perfect coaxial alignment of the guide catheter;

  • High targeting capability for the access into distal vessels;

  • Excellent support for the percutaneous treatment of highly calcified lesions or chronic total occlusions in tortuous anatomies;

  • Unique technology that allows the protection of the proximal stent previously implanted, for the perfect implementation of a distal stent;

  • Selective delivery of contrast into distal portions;

  • Designed in stainless steel, with an inner lining of PTFE and surrounded by an outer layer of Pebax;

  • Rapid exchange lumen, 25 cm long and 20 cm in length to the guide catheter (yellow distal portion);

  • Compatible with 6F guide catheter and 0.014“ guidewire.

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