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The Balloon Indeflator or Inflator Device is used for hemodynamics and interventional cardiology procedures, to generate and monitor the balloon inflation and deflation pressure. Has 20 ml reservoir, locking latch, palmar support rotating, pressure gauge 30 atm and high pressure hose connector with 3-way stopcook and luer lock adapter. The manometer measures pressures from vacuum to 30 bar with an accuracy of +/- 1 bar.


Set Composition:

  • 01 balloons indeflator with 30 bar

  • 01 connector (hemostasis valve) Y type push-click

  • 01 torque device

  • 01 guidewire introducer

  • 01 pressure extension with 500 PSI and 25 cm

  • 01 3-way stopcock

Pressure Extension

3- Way Stopcock


Connector Y Type Push-Click

Torque Device

Guidewire Introducer

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