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New Advance in Catheterization of Uterine and Pelvic Arteries

The angiographic Gandras catheters were specially designed for the perfect catheterization and selective delivery of radiopaque media and embolic and therapeutic agents at sites specifically selected of the vascular system. Unique design for securing access in the contralateral and ipsilateral uterine arteries.

  • Ultra tapered, flexible distal segment and hydrophilic coating;

  • Available with distal tips of lengths of 2 cm, 4 cm, and 6 cm for a perfect and customized positioning in the target vessel;

  • Radiopaque marks in the primary curve (models 5580, 5581, 5582);

  • Flexible shaft to enable ipsilateral and contralateral accesses;

  • Radiopaque distal segment for excellent viewing under fluoroscopy;