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Guidewire Control Catheter with Deflectable Tip

The Venture is a unique single-lumen catheter with a distal tip that can be deflected up to 90° using a distal handle. It has a high capacity to direct, guide and control 0.014” guidewires, providing high support during complex percutaneous and CTO interventions performed in the coronary and peripheral arterial system.


Available in OTW and RX system.


OTW versions also provide manual and selective administration of diagnostic and therapeutic agents.

When to use Venture?


  • Tortuous and angled anatomy

  • Bifurcations

  • side branches

  • Branches entrapped by stent



Features and Benefits


Deflectable Tip

  • Catheter tip deflectable up to 90°;

  • 8 mm platinum tip for excellent visibility under fluoroscopy.


Excellent Torque Response

  • Shaft designed with multiple spiral layers providing high transmission of torque from the proximal end to the tip.


Exclusive Support

  • Tip angulation provides precise support for accessing difficult and highly complex lesions.



  • Flexible, low-profile tip;

  • Surface with hydrophilic coating offering high performance and excellent navigability in tight and tortuous anatomies.

Quick Change Model 

Deflector Button 



Over-The-Wide Model (OTW)


Torque Transmitter



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