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The Power and Simplicity of Thrombus Aspiration for Large Vessels

Pronto .035” is a new version of the Pronto catheter line, specially developed with dual lumen and OTW system, indicated for the rapid removal of thrombus/ debris from arteries or veins greater than 4 mm.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lower lumen designed to accommodate guidewires of ≤ 0.035” diameter;

  • Larger unobstructed aspiration lumen, wide and uniform for the extraction of thrombus with greater suction force through aspiration using a 60 ml syringe and_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_with an in- line roller clamp to control the rate of aspiration;

  • Inclined opening in the aspiration lumen, providing a damage-free suction to the vessel and the accommodation of larger thrombus;

  • Exclusive Tapered Silva tip for a soft, atraumatic, and suction risk-free aspiration of the vessel wall;

  • Shaft with braided handle over entire length of catheter, combining flexibility, high torque response and kink resistance;

  • Silicon coating for excellent steerability free from friction and resistance;

  • Sheath compatibility ≥ 10F (3.35 mm ID);

  • Radiopaque signal located 2 mm from the distal tip.

Pronto .035” catheter is part of a kit that contains all elements required for proper aspiration, in order to enhance the necessary convenience during percutaneous procedures. This kit consists of:


  • 01 Ready .035” Extraction Catheter;

  • 01 locking 30 mL aspiration syringe;

  • 01 Extension with in-line roller clamp;

  • 01 3-way stopcock.

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